Technology for a Just Society



About Us

Technology for a Just Society (JuST) is a group at Princeton University committed to empowering future technologists in creating a more just society. JuST offers a community where students can explore how technology can deepen social inequity, as well as how it can be leveraged to advance social justice and address other major societal challenges.


By organizing talks and workshops, and working with faculty on curricula, we hope to illuminate concrete ways to become more mindful technologists.


We will provide opportunities, such as mission-based hackathons, for students to apply technology towards advancing social justice.


Through collaborations with nonprofits, and career-focused events, we hope to introduce students to stimulating careers outside of traditional paths.


We aim to promote inclusion within the Computer Science department and the greater Princeton STEM community, and elevate minority voices in tech.


Speaker Series

Join us for a monthly conversation with a diverse set of speakers from academia, nonprofits, and the tech industry to discuss the intersection of technology and social good.

Previous Talks:

MD4SG, on bias, discrimination, and fairness in mechanism design; Dr. Sam Wang, founder of the Princeton Gerrymandering Project, on how data, law, and redistricting reform; Ethan Zuckerman, on the pitfalls of using technology to solve social problems; Andrés Monroy-Hernández, principal research scientist at Snap Inc., on Human-Computer Interaction; Isedua Oribhabor, author at Access Now, on digital human rights; Vlada Bortnik on social media design.


Joe Calandrino on consumer protection in a digital age. 04.27.21 at 5pm ET. Register here.

Reading Groups

Students gather to read and discuss literature about topics ranging from AI ethics to the intersection of tech and social justice. Princeton students, staff, and faculty of all backgrounds are welcome join.

To join an existing reading group or to start your own, fill out this form.

Software for Social Good

We are connecting enthusiastic students with social good organizations to help develop needed software.

This term, JuST will facilitate partnerships between Princeton students enrolled in Advanced Programming Techniques (COS333) and organizations to build useful software as the course's semester-long project.

JuST Hack

Our hackathon encourages students to imagine the ways technology can (and cannot) be utilized to create a more just world.

This year, JuST Hack will center around issues of educational engagement and equity as traditional K-12 learning moves online. Participants will have the opportunity to design creative solutions to new challenges posed by virtual education. Central to our mission is the inclusion of the stakeholders — K-12 students, teachers, and administrators — in every step of the design process.

Coming this Spring.

Wintersession Course

This year, we will be holding a Princeton Wintersession Course, focusing on technology, design, and social good. The course will be led by undergrads, grad students, as well as faculty.

Coming this Winter.


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